Are you good at storytelling? Do you find background story one of the most important elements in the game? Do you like sci-fi horror games? Do you want to take part in my upcoming indie project and help to define its fabular shape? If so, you might be the person I’m looking for. Drop me a line at paulina[at] and explain why you’re the best for this mission and I’ll provide you with more details.

A new ghost model, bonus after winning and a few improvements suggested by community. Check it out!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi there, first I would like to say great job on the game, it is by far better than an average indie horror game. It feels nostalgic playing this, seeing as I once went with a friend to a mansion remarkably similar to the one in Eyes, so thanks for that :) I also like everything else about the game, and I have a couple questions: Will there be another "Eyes" game? I would love to see more. Also, could you put the main theme up for download? I really like it.
eyesthehorrorgame eyesthehorrorgame Said:

I love making games because I’m receiving messages like this one. Thank you! :)

I haven’t decided yet about the sequel/next level/any follow-up. Firstly I would like to release a new game - in some ways similiar to Eyes. 

The main theme can be downloaded here: 

Once again, thanks!

The first time I played this on PC, I also sat in the dark like front page reviewer David. I had 14 bags and knew where the last few were. I came from the cellar and checked for her through ghost sight. But because of the movement from her, I couldn’t make out much. As soon as I re-entered reality, I ran up the stairs, turned, and she decided to appear directly in front of me. I threw my arms up, my mouse away and shrieked like the first row at a Justin Bieber concert. Imagine that and know that I am 2.04 meters high. I catapulted back and nearly fell over backwards with my chair. Paulina should ship this with a safety helmet.